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Perhaps more of a repository of ideas at this stage, we will continue to post papers, articles, links, journals etc. for reference.  If you have an article, journal or link you would like to recommend, please get in touch


Papers / Articles

Managing with the brain in mind
– David Rock, Strategy & Business, Autumn 2009, Neuroscience reveals the social nature of a high performance workplace.

Awakening a sleeping beauty  – A case study of Fortis’ culture and leadership development programme, full dissertation for Msc. Consulting & Coaching for Change, Oxford Said Business School, HEC, Paris

Awakening a sleeping beauty – Exec summary


Essential reading for those working directly in the cognitive sciences or in related specialist areas, Trends in Cognitive Sciences provides an instant overview of current thinking for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest developments in the cognitive sciences.


Where does creativity come from?  Listen to two engaging views from Elizabeth Gilbert and Amy Tan

Watch Dr Daniel Siegel presenting a Hand Model of the Brain

The Plastic Brain: UAB Neuroscientists Stretch the Boundaries of the Mind

Brain plasticity

Links and tools

brain_trainingSign up for free brain training tools available to download to your iphone or blackberry. Develop your leadership skills, try “brain training” for yourself and start to reduce stress levels and improve executive focus