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Organisational Design

Are you set up for success?

The structure and way an organisation works is at the heart of an organisation’s culture and capacity to adapt to change.

Its the quality of relationships and dialogues between employees that determines the pace of innovation and change.

We work in collaboration with certified Sociocratic consultant, Tena Meadows O’Rear on organisational design.  We have collaborated on the product development of an adaptive business management and governance system – BioDynamic Enterprise (BDE).

BDE is an organisational governance and business model designed to encourage greater sustainability, transparency and accountability within organisations.  The model, based upon natural principles, offers a design for distributed leadership, managing workflow (i.e. organisational structure and “ways of working”) and making decisions up and down and across the organisation.

BDE is:

  • a way of talking
  • a way of behaving
  • a way of making decisions

Clients have stated that applying BDE principles to their business has improved teams’ power to organise, communicate, make decisions and get things done.  They’ve also seen evidence of reduced politics and enthusiasm for change, as well time shaved off projects.

Get in touch to find out more about BDE and our one day workshops.  Read more about BDE (download)