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Leadership Development

Why develop leaders?

In these turbulent times, we need leaders with integrity, who know that leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do.

Great leaders have a purpose and know that it is the way they behave and inspire the people around them, that determines the performance of a business.

We can help your leaders:

  • Improve self awareness
  • Improve quality of thinking and decision making
  • Improve communications and relationships
  • Inspire and motivate teams

Most developmental psychologists agree that leaders who invest in developing their own self awareness can transform not only their own capabilities but those of their organisation.

The benefits of developing self awareness

At the interpersonal level:

Self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses can net you the trust of others and increase your credibility — both of which will increase your leadership effectiveness

At the organisational level:

Through a process of uncovering what you dont know and have yet to learn across the organisation, you model that in your organisation it’s okay to admit you don’t have all the answers, to make mistakes and most importantly, to ask for help. These are all characteristics of an organisation that is constantly learning and springboards to innovation and agility.

Jones Consulting can help you establish whether developing leaders is appropriate for your organisation or team and work with you to design a programme.  We have designed Leadership development programmes for “high potentials” and researched the effects of leadership programmes on behavioural change across large multi nationals.

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