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A culture of asking questions is the key to innovation

Every business needs to regularly assess how well its products and services deliver against its customer proposition and strategic direction.  If not, there is a real risk of standing still, or being overtaken by more proactive competitors.

  • Associating
  • Observation
  • Questioning
  • Experimenting
  • Networking


A 2009 INSEAD study into innovative entrepreneurship identified 5 key skills that innovators employ amongst them:


Questions are at the heart of innovation, questions lead to observations and associations (joining the dots) which lead to insights that generate information you’ve never had before!

The leaders of innovative companies recognise that developing breakthrough products, revamping operational processes, and coming up with new business models means:

engendering a business culture where asking questions, collaborating, experimenting, observing and taking risks is encouraged.

Sometimes though, in today’s environment, balancing this with the financial and governance needs of a business can be challenging.

Do your people drive your business innovation?

Jones Consulting can help your business become more innovative, by working with you to help imbed more innovative habits and behaviours across the business and developing processes and cultural environment for your innovators to thrive and perform at their best.

We can also help:

  • review the role of innovation in your strategy and culture
  • design innovation processes
  • create idea generation through facilitating innovation workshops
  • research and develop multiple new business ideas and customer propositions
  • provide in house resource to develop new concepts through to launch