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“I have worked with Debbie in several different roles. She led the design of a company-wide Leadership Development Academy, which has got terrific results. Debbie also helped define a better business model to allow us to engage with the employees of our clients. She has a very clear understanding of organizational change processes, and what levers to pull. And, as a coach, Debbie is perceptive and offers actionable advice. In everything Debbie does, she is professional, thorough and delivers on time. And she always does it with a smile on her face! Can’t recommend Debbie’s work enough.”

Mick Yates, Director of Global Business Development, dunnhumby Ltd. CRM Consultancy, July 2009


“Through the coaching program, Debbie has really helped me to recognise my true potential and believe that even the most stretching of goals are achievable when tackled in the right way.   She encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and progress quickly with things I kept putting off.  As a result, it has allowed me to excel at what I am doing in both my business and personal life.  

Her coaching style is effective as she balances challenge with encouragement and support.  The process followed was structured and clear andI am thrilled to see how much I have achieved in a short space of time with noticeable results.

I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone who is keen to make a change in their work or personal life”.

Claire Jones, Client Director, dunnhumby Ltd. CRM Consultancy, December 2009


“Debbie is an inspirational coach. She has provided me with the tools and strategies to help me implement great positive changes in both my career and personal life. Approachable and trustworthy, Debbie’s an excellent listener who knows when to stretch and challenge me, opening up my mind to exciting new possibilities. I’ve seen fast results and learned valuable skills to take into the future.”

Melanie George, Communications Manager, Greenhouse Charity, January 2010