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Our Values

At Jones Consulting our values are our guiding principles that shape the way we work with clients.

We draw upon diverse experience across industries & countries, which continually keeps our knowledge fresh and our methodologies and ways of working up to date.  We seek to act as catalysts for positive change in everything we do.

We value diversity across everything we do and in everyone we meet.

We value creativity, flexible thinking and keeping an open mind.

We believe that communication & collaboration are key to sharing knowledge; engaging teams and being creative

We always empower and encourage people to think for themselves, its essential for improving performance and ownership in teams

We value the integrity of what we do and believe that strong trust based relationships with clients are vital to achieving results (Strategy x Execution) Trust = Results.

As such we like to spend time getting to know clients with lots of conversations and we ensure that our work and recommendations are sustainable and easily transferable so they easily become part of “business as usual”.