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Change consulting and coaching

We help business leaders raise performance and improve resilience to change.

Do you need to improve motivation and engagement amongst employees?

Jones Consulting specialises in consulting and coaching around the human side of change.  Our approach is based on neuroscientific research into what drives engagement in the brain.  We help clients build engagement, autonomy, creativity, focus, collaboration and performance across their teams and organisations.

Jones Consulting can help you:

  • Engage employees
  • Change thinking and behaviour
  • Create a more innovative and happy workplace
  • Help individuals improve their performance and enjoy what they do!
  • Imbed adaptability and resilience across the organisation

When change happens, whatever the reason, it often means a new direction, new people and new ways of working. Engaging people to embrace and evolve with change and be innovative can be quite a challenge.

Challenges we can help you with:

  • How can I envision and lead a change in strategy?
  • How can I empower and inspire people around a change?
  • How can we ensure the environment supports the change?
  • How can we help our people be their best?
  • How can we develop our leaders?
  • How can we enhance creativity?

We gain our work primarily from recommendation.  We have excellent connections with academic institutions and thought leaders through membership of The Change Leaders, a global community of change management practitioners linked to Said Business School, University of Oxford, and HEC Paris, the FT no 1 European Business School.